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Quantum physics defies everyday intuition.
Disruptive innovations follow.

We offer businesses and investors insight into the quantum technology sector.

Quantum computers, quantum simulators and other quantum technologies offer transformative new applications. They can provide significant advantages for problems in a range of industries, often accomplishing tasks that are impossible otherwise. The quantum computing market alone is expected to reach $1B in the coming years. But hurdles remain, with each industry sector facing its own scientific, technological and economic challenges.

We provide consulting services with the necessary expertise to help you understand and benefit from quantum innovations. Our team consists of active quantum researchers that also understand business needs. As impartial specialists, we provide domain expertise, offer deep dives and assess the emerging landscape.


Education and guidance

QTC helps clients understand the potential of quantum technologies. We educate in quantum computing, quantum technologies and basic quantum physics, focusing on the most relevant areas for our clients. We offer seminars, introductory tutorials, workshops, speaking engagements and Q&A sessions. Our services are geared towards business leaders and investors with no prior physics background.


With years of experience in quantum information research, we offer expert guidance. Our services include deep dives into specific areas, start-ups and technological developments. We offer expert assessment of likeliness of success, challenges, risks, time scales and market potentials.

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The quantum industry is rapidly growing. With our domain expertise, we help navigate the landscape, provide scientific and technological context and evaluate business potential.

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What are quantum technologies?

Quantum computing and other areas of quantum technologies are developing at a rapid pace. They rely on the ability to manipulate and to control individual quantum systems and their quantum properties. This offers enormous advantages for a variety of applications, in some cases opening entirely new possibilities. Technology companies, academic research groups and start-ups are developing quantum hardware, software and applications for use cases. Quantum technologies include:

Quantum computing

Devices that use quantum phenomena for computational tasks. Quantum computers operate fundamentally differently than any regular computer, with some known applications that offer enormous speed-up.

Quantum simulation

Controllable quantum systems that can mimic other systems of interest. Geared towards specific problems that cannot be simulated otherwise.

Quantum cryptography

Secure communication enabled by the laws of quantum physics. Commercial devices available.

Quantum networks

Link between distributed quantum processors or quantum sensors. Enables quantum information transfer and processing at large distances.

Quantum imaging

Uses quantum properties of light to beat limitations of regular optics.

Quantum sensing

Sensors that use quantum effects for  enhanced precision.

Many industries will be transformed by quantum technologies. Some applications have already reached maturity for commercialization, while others remain in development. Enormous R&D efforts are being directed to make them a reality.

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Operating from New York and Stockholm, we offer services in North America and in Europe.

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QTC combines deep domain expertise in quantum science with the understanding of business needs. Our team consists of experienced quantum researchers with familiarity in business development. We have the scope necessary to guide you through this newly emerging field that will transform technologies in the 21st century. The experience of our team includes advisory services for:

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